Monday, October 03, 2005

Things will be better...

There is still much to be said about the year that was and I promise we'll get around to that at some point. For now, I'd rather not focus on the one game difference in the standings that kept the Phillies out of the playoffs; now is the time to focus on how to make up that game in 2006.

That's the beautiful thing about baseball - no matter how awful a game is (pick your favorite '05 game against Houston) or how demoralizing a loss can be (Utley's error against the Mets will never be forgotten, for better or worse), there will always be another game the next day. Something new to look forward to. A clean slate. 162 games - each one with the score beginning 0-0. When Jose Macias' liner stuck in Eric Bruntlett's glove, that feeling was lost. There is no tomorrow. For the past six months my favorite time of day would be gametime - often 7:05. Well, it will be 7:05 in less than an hour and there is no game to watch. There is no today. So this finally brings me back to my roundabout reasoning for my work on this site. There may be no more games to play in 2005, but Opening Day 2006 is just a mere 182 days away...


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