Friday, May 12, 2006


Best catch I've ever seen live in in person...heck it might even be the best catch I can remember seeing in my lifetime period...though that Jim Edmonds full extension over the shoulder dive while still in those awful Anaheim Angels periwinkle pinstriped uniforms has to be right up there as well (along with the dozens of others that I can't remember at the moment...)

For a game that only lasted four and half innings there was plenty of action - Rowand's catch, Gavin Floyd's response after the catch (he turned in a solid performance even though he is still all over the place with his control...which is a big problem, but a "complete game shutout" is a complete game shutout, right?), David Bell's diving stop to save a run on Steve Trachsel's bullet to left, Shane Victorino coming off the bench to hit a triple and a double (a beautiful, 100% hustle double too), and...last but not least, Chase Utley's "clutch" game winning solo homer in the first.

On a personal note, last night's game was the second I've been to in person this season (who knew actually going to games would cut in to my time writing about them...not that I'm complaining or anything, it's just my excuse for a total lack of decent posts). My first game was Tuesday night's series opening win over the Mets and last night was the second. I'm not saying that I'm the reason for the series win over New York, I'm merely pointing out the recent pattern - win when I'm there, lose when I'm not, win when I'm there. To keep this hot streak going, I will eagerly be expecting my full set of season tickets from the Phillies anyday the cash needed to compensate for the money I'll lose out on by quitting my job. If the Phils were really generous, they'd make arrangements for me to go to road games as well...I'd be okay if they were willing to start tomorrow night. I've always wanted to visit Cincinnati...fine, that's a lie (nobody has ever said they've always wanted to visit Cincinnati) but I still wouldn't mind catching a ballgame in Ohio tomorrow night...I hear some top young prospect is throwing for the Phils, anybody know who this kid is?


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I know your already playing in a league, but I saw where Yahoo will begin there midseason fantasy league signups on Monday. Would you be interested in participating, if I was to start a league. I'm trying to get a number before I signup. It would just be National League only. Let me know.

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