Sunday, May 06, 2007

Phillies @ Giants - May 6, 2007

This site has gone far too long without an update for all kinds of reasons, and for that I apologize. To make it up to my adoring public, I present you the most intriguing pitching matchup of the season thus far (and, yes, this is coming from somebody who actually attended the Felix Hernandez-Daisuke Matsuzaka start at Fenway)...prepare yourself for tonight's epic battle between Cole Hamels and Tim Lincecum. Every time that Cole Hamels takes the mound, it's a special occasion...but to oppose Tim Lincecum in his first ever major league start...that's special. And you know it's special when I can't write a coherent sentence without busting out the ellipses...I love ellipses, they are the perfect writing tool of the lazy man.

If you don't know about Lincecum yet (and you should), here's the quickest possible breakdown I can write 10 minutes before the game:
  • His junior year line at the University of Washington: 125.1 IP 75 H 63 BB 199 K
  • His AAA line this year at Fresno: 31 IP 12 H 11 BB 46 K
  • His listed height and weight: 5'10, 160 lb.
The guy is a physical marvel, there's really no getting around it. I have no idea how his career is going to shake out, he truly is a one of a kind prospect - I can't think of a single comparison for him that I think is legit. Watch him throw and make your own conclusions.

To end on a positive excited as I am to watch Lincecum pitch, I'm more excited for Hamels. Lincecum may be the hot new young starting pitcher, but it wasn't so long ago (in fact, almost exactly a year ago if memory, all kind of caveats in that sentence...that's what you get when I don't feel like looking something up) that Cole Hamels was the hot new young starting pitcher in the NL. I know the Phils are facing a rookie pitcher tonight, but I've got the weird feeling that tonight's game could be big - the kind of game that can turn a season around. Just a feeling though...this post could look awfully stupid in the morning.


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