Tuesday, October 11, 2005

10/10/05: A Day to Remember

Jim Duquette, Gerry Hunsicker, Brian Cashman, Theo Epstein, Chris Antonetti, Josh Byrnes, Wayne Krivsky, Mike Arbuckle, and Ruben Amaro Jr. That's just a sampling of the many candidates already receiving media speculation as potential replacements for Phillies GM Ed Wade.

I'll list my top candidates in the coming days, but the first candidate I'll mention is............

(1) - Dayton Moore, Assistant General Manager/Baseball Operations of the Atlanta Braves. Nothing beats hiring a great, young baseball mind while hurting a division foe in the process. Moore originally joined the Braves staff as a scouting supervisor for the Mid-Atlantic states and was promoted to the front office in August 1996 as an assistant in the Baseball Operations Department. In November of 1996, he was named Assistant Director of Scouting. In 1999, Moore worked added the title of Assistant Director of Player Development. In 2000, he became Director of International Scouting, a role he filled until he was named Director of Player Personnel two years later. He is now, as previously mentioned, the Assistant GM to John Schuerholz in Atlanta.

More will be added about Moore (absolutely no pun intended) and my other favorites in the coming days. The decision of who will be the next GM of the Philadelphia Phillies is of the utmost importance and, rest assured, it will be covered in frighteningly precise detail right here on these very pages. So rest up, it's gonna be a busy couple of days/weeks/months.

[Even though Ed Wade is gone, he definitely won't be forgotten here. The plan is an extensive look back on the Ed Wade Era in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for that - we can't really ever move forward without first taking a look back at where we came]


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