Sunday, December 04, 2005

Winter Meetings Eve

The Winter Meetings begin tomorrow in Dallas, Texas. All the GMs and team representatives will come together and chitchat about their ballclubs. From Monday to Thursday, the leaders of 30 Major League Baseball teams will all be trying to strike that big deal either by means of acquiring that elusive missing piece through a blockbuster trade or the luring of a prime time free agent who will push the squad over the top. Some GMs will have less coin to work with and will have to be smarter; other GMs know that they have clubs ready to win and don't need a major move, but rather a tiny tweak to the bullpen or an addition of complementary parts to the bench. It should be an eventful four days as some of the major free agents still available are expected to sign, marquee talents are shopped by teams looking to trade (Bobby Abreu anyone?), and teams pick guys long on potential but short on experience in the Rule 5 draft. It's Sunday night now - the eve of the Winter Meetings. We can only wonder what our Phillies team is going to look like when we wake up Friday morning. Good luck Mr. Gillick, give 'em hell.


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