Monday, January 23, 2006

More on Michaels

The very latest on the Jason Michaels saga, this time from The Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Depending on how right-hander Guillermo Mota's physical goes, Coco Crisp could be Boston's new center fielder sometime this week.The Indians and Boston, according to a major league source, are considering a six-player trade that would send Crisp and two low-level minor leaguers to Boston for third base prospect Andy Marte, Mota and another a minor league pitcher. The Indians would then trade Mota to Philadelphia for outfielder Jason Michaels.There's also a chance that the Indians could keep Mota, if he passes his physical, and send David Riske or Arthur Rhodes to the Phillies. If Mota doesn't pass the Indians and Phillies physical, the three-team deal could be scrubbed.

So the Boston papers report that it'll be either Rafael Betancourt or Arthur Rhodes while the Cleveland papers (newer report by the way) claim that it'll either be Guillermo Mota, David Riske, or Rhodes with no mention of Betancourt. Mota is yet another big strikeout guy - 145 K's in 163.2 innings pitched over the past two season. He is 32 years of age and has a career GO/AO ratio of 1.08 - nothing special compared to the rest of the league (pitchers as a whole tend to throw more groundballs than flyballs), but better than a drastic flyball type pitcher.

Phillies fans appear to have reached some sort of consensus on a potential Michaels deal - either Betancourt or Mota would be good enough value, Riske is a more questionable option, and that bringing in Rhodes would be worse than...something really, really bad (although he was the only reliever to have his name pop up in both papers, just saying).

I don't know what more to say as there is still much about this deal that appears to be up in the air. I will say this though - the longer this thing drags on, the less likely I think it will happen. The Phillies are dealing from a positition of strength where they don't have to make a move just for the sake of making a move. Needless to say, I don't think Cleveland is being truthful when they say they are strongly considering Jeff DaVanon for a starting OF spot if the Michaels trade falls through. The Phils should wait, see if they can milk everything they can out of this opportunity, and then strike. If it all falls apart and they are stuck with Michaels, so be it. The bench could use his bat, glove, and versatility during late game situations. Treat Michaels like you have been treating Bobby Abreu - only move him if you are getting what you want for him. A middle of the rotation starter for thanks. A mediocre reliver who may or may not be better (but will certainly cost more) than Chris Booker, Aquilino Lopez, Yoel Hernandez, Ricardo Rodriguez, Ryan Cameron, Travis Minix, Brian Sanches, well you get the idea...I'll pass.


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