Thursday, May 25, 2006

25-Man Roster Question

I've put off the unpleasant task of writing about Cole Hamels' injury (he's now on the 15-day DL for those who don't yet know) because I can't help but feel partly responsible for it. 100% true story - unbelievably or not, I actually saw Cole Hamels on the NJ Transit train from Trenton to New York Penn Station on Tuesday morning (I think it was the 9:11 A.M. train). What are the odds of that?

In other non-Cole Hamels related news, I hope Phils Fan doesn't mind me using his/her question as the inspiration to this post. It was an important enough question to promote it from the Comments section to the the big time, so here goes...

Phils Fan said...

Coste is up now but what happens when Rowand comes back from the DL? Do they just send Roberson back down and keep Coste or is there any chance of a solution to a second infielder in either free agency or via trade. I guess there's always the possibility of keeping 3 outfielders and sending Coste back down. Personally I would feel much better if they had another legitamate infielding option on the team. Who know's, maybe Coste is that guy but I just wanted to get your thoughts.

Excellent question and one that I can only guess at. I think Coste may very well be here to stay with Roberson the odd man out when Rowand comes back on Saturday. My problem with that scenario (and the one you astutely brought up as well) is the lack of a second player capable of playing the middle infield spots - if Nunez is the only option at second and short, the Phils will be even more hamstrung than usual in the late innings. So ultimately, I'm not sure what the Phils will wind up doing - I'd probably send down Roberson, activate Rowand, demote Clay Condrey, and call up Danny Sandoval to serve as the utility guy.

If I was really running the show (WARNING: completely unrealistic version of events coming ahead) I would cut Ryan Franklin, Sal Fasano, and Abraham Nunez and demote Chris Roberson (when Rowand comes back). Carlos Ruiz and Chris Coste would serve as the catching duo until Lieberthal comes back, but would both stay on the 25-man roster even after Lieby is healthy. Here's the overall set of moves I'd make (after Rowand and Lieberthal come back):

OUT: Franklin, Fasano, Nunez, Roberson

IN: Lieberthal, Rowand, Danny Sandoval, Ryan Cameron

I'd still have the problem of only having one middle IF (Sandoval), so this setup is definitely far from ideal...but it's all I've got for now...there is surely a better way, anybody out there with any better ideas?


Blogger Adam said...

Hopefully Hamels will be back sooner than later. I wonder if they'll keep up in the majors, or send him back to the minors for a couple of starts. What's up with Sal Fasano? He looks like Mario from the Mario Bros.

10:34 AM  
Anonymous malphie said...

Mets fans know....El Duque will save their rotation! Seriously, they're going nuts over how great this trade is. Mostly because El Duque "thrives under New York pressure." The reason he struggled in Arizona is because "no body cares about baseball in Arizona except for Gila monsters and cactuses" (actual quote from borderline retarded WFAN late-night guy). Wait, then why was he so crappy last year with the White Sox? Wasn't there, like, a lot of pressure on them last year? Gotta love NY sports fans...

11:55 AM  
Blogger XXX said...

Hamels will get apparently get a rehab start or two before returning from the DL.

Gila monsters...classic.

I think WFAN stinks - Mike and the Mad Dog rarely have a clue...despite what Bill Simmons seems to think. They went on for a good 20 minutes about how the Phillies made the decision to stack their rotation so that their two best pitchers (Lieber and Myers) would pitch in the series against the Mets. They went on and on and on about it...until some Phils fan finally called in to tell them that the Phils had to rearrange the rotation because Hamels was going on the DL. Quite frankly, I was embarassed for them.

New York is a great town, but those fans are straight up delusional about their teams...

1:44 AM  

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