Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tonight's Starting Lineups

Atlanta Braves
2B Marcus Giles
SS Edgar Renteria
3B Chipper Jones
CF Andruw Jones
1B Adam LaRoche
RF Jeff Francoeur
C Brian McCann
LF Ryan Langerhans
SP John Smoltz

Philadelphia Phillies
SS Jimmy Rollins
2B Chase Utley
CF Aaron Rowand
RF Bobby Abreu
1B Ryan Howard
LF David Dellucci
C Mike Lieberthal
3B Abraham Nunez
SP Brett Myers


Blogger Adam said...

As i've stated before, Remlinger won't finish the season with this team.

It should be another good pitching matchup tonight. Thomson is in dire need of a win. I like Lidle, he maybe the best Phillies pitcher right now?

Back to the fantasy league stuff. I too have McCann. He's been solid all year and should continue that way. Around the infield I have Fielder, Weeks/Miles, Rollins, Chippa/Betemit. Outfielders are Kearns/Langerhans/Marrero/Pre.Wilson/..My pitchers are Oswalt/Maddux/Mulder/Lidle/Mesa/Bradford/Ponson(he was in FA, so I thought, why not?) and picked up last Sean Marshall from the Cubs, who's doing fairly well.

If you have time, how does your roster pan out? Is it 40% Phillies?

8:25 AM  
Blogger XXX said...

I've always liked Remlinger, but for your sake I hope he is gone sooner rather than later. He looks finished. Thomson and Lidle should be another good one tonight, I'm with you on that.

As far as fantasy goes, my current starters are Willingham, Fielder, Weeks, Wright, Crosby, Dunn, Giles, and Abreu. McCann is my backup catcher...I don't really need a backup catcher, but I don't want anybody else picking up McCann and making him their starter plus I'm a big McCann fan and think he'd makes for fine insurance against a Josh Willingham injury. My pitching staff includes Carlos Zambrano, Brandon Webb, John Lackey, Kazmir, Beckett, Verlander, Street, Papelbon, Oliver Perez (I have no idea why), and Mark Prior (I traded Cliff Floyd to get him...high risk, high reward kind of deal, I guess).

So that's only one Phillie on my whole team...though I have my sights set on adding Brett Myers in the coming days...

12:56 PM  

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