Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bobby Abreu to the...Tigers? (Update)

From the Detroit News:

So much for that one.

The Tigers aren't trading for Bobby Abreu.

Responding to the question, "Can trade rumors be a distraction?" manager Jim Leyland clearly outlined on Monday what won't become a distraction.

"I think they can be," he said, "but I want to go on the record, so all of you get your pens and pencils out -- so you hear this one time. We are not getting Bobby Abreu, nor are we pursuing him. End of conversation."

Not quite. Leyland had a few more comments about the matter.

"Yes, trade rumors can be a distraction," he said. "It's your job to nose around and try to figure out what we're looking for. But there's no reality to us getting Bobby Abreu. That's not reality."

It's not unusual for teams to deny trade rumors this time of year, but it is a bit odd for Jim Leyland to come out and specifically say that the Abreu rumors were "not reality."


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