Monday, August 21, 2006

Who's Hot...Phillies Minor League Hitters of the Past Week

Who's Hot...Infield Edition
  • SS Angel Chavez (AAA): .360/.360/.840 (1.200 OPS) - 3 homeruns
  • SS Adrian Cardenas (Rookie): .500/.500/.667 (1.167 OPS)
  • SS C.J. Henry (Low A): .333/.400/.556 (956 OPS)
  • 3B Welinson Baez (Low A): .300/.481/.400 (881 OPS)
  • SS Jason Donald (Short Season): .364/.417/.455 (871 OPS)
  • 2B Tim Moss (High A): .269/.296/.500 (796 OPS) - 5 runs batted in
  • IF Clay Harris (Low A): .217/.400/.391 (791 OPS) - 7 walks
Danny Sandoval is a nice enough player I suppose, but the Phillies would be better off with Angel Chavez in the role as utility infielder both right now and in the future. Chavez is a better hitter (he's hitting .264/.302/.444), better runner (six steals in six AAA chances), and, quite possibly, a better fielder (the 2004 Baseball America Prospect Handbook said this about him: "He has the physical ability to play shortstop, with good hands, solid range, and a plus arm that ranks as his best tool." Adding Chavez to the 25-man roster wouldn't even be too difficult as the Phillies already think enough of him to have him on the 40-man roster...make it happen, Pat.

Who's Hot...Outfield Edition
  • OF Darin McDonald (Rookie): .700/.750/.800 (1.550 OPS)
  • OF D’Arby Myers (Rookie): .615/.615/.846 (1.462 OPS)
  • OF Jeremy Slayden (Low A): .500/.550/.889 (1.439 OPS) - 5 doubles
  • OF Josh Kroeger (AAA): .308/.308/.577 (885 OPS) - 3 outfield assists
Slayden is quietly putting up a sensational season with the bat at Lakewood: he's currently leading the league in hitting (.311 batting average) and third in the league in slugging percentage (.562). His 40 doubles are five more than anybody else in the league...although his BlueClaw teammates Welinson Baez (32 doubles) and Clay Harris (31) may make a play for the doubles crown if they can get really, really, really hot.

Who's Hot...Catcher Edition
  • C Louis Marson (Low A): .429/.600/.714 (1.314 OPS)
  • C Carlos Ruiz (AAA): .333/.357/.630 (987 OPS)
  • C Jason Jaramillo (AA): .318/.375/.409 (784 OPS)
Marson has long been a personal favorite of mine and a very important piece of the organization's future. On the year Marson is hitting .233/.341/.337, but is doing it all at the tender age of 20 years old. The lack of power is alarming, but the advanced plate awareness is a great sign...this hasn't been the best of years for Marson by any means, but there is enough about his game to like that I still believe in his long-term future.


Blogger Adam said...

Any idea of who's going to get that Sept. callup? Are the Phillies going to go with Jaramillo or Ruiz at C next year? Hell, they'll probably bring back Todd Pratt for the "veteran leadership" role. By the way, my compliments on the minorleague updates you've been posting on. As a Braves fan I never thought I would know this much info about the Phil's org.

4:04 PM  
Anonymous malphie said...

Can this be correct, or am I misinterpreting this somehow?

Bobby Abreu's VORP after 438 PA with the Phils: 25.6
Bobby Abreu's VORP after 95 PA with the Yanks (not including his 1-3 with a RBI 2B and BB today): 15.0

If that's true, and I'm almost sure it is, that is insaaaane. Abreu is the freakin man.

4:52 PM  

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