Monday, October 23, 2006

Which Columnist Do We Believe?

The details about the new Major League Baseball labor deal slowly trickled in over the weekend, but there seems to be some confusion about one of the most immediate ramifications of the talks - the matter of what will become of draft pick compensation for free agents lost.

Peter Gammons says:

The new agreement will likely end draft choice compensation for losing free agents.

Ken Rosenthal

The deal will not eliminate draft-pick compensation for departed free agents, but the current plan will be modified, the source told

Tracy Ringolsby says:

The new deal won’t have any major changes from the past, but there were be several subtle alterations that will have a long-term benefit. The two sides have agreed to eliminate draft choice compensation for teams losing free agents, and they will have a slotting system for bonus money paid to June draft choices.

So, which big time baseball columnist do we believe? Personally, I hope that Ken Rosenthal is correct as I believe free agent compensation for lost free agents to be a good idea in theory, but one that has been incorrectly executed in recent years. It is in the best long-term interest of baseball to tweak the current system so that it actually benefits small market clubs. I love the idea of a slotting system for bonus money in the June amateur draft - a move like that would go a surprisingly long way in creating competitive balance in baseball.

Ah, a discussion of the upcoming labor agreement...what could be more fun than that?


Anonymous Tom G said...

I was confused by Gammons and Rosenthal too. Glad I wasn;t the only one. I think the draft pick compensation thing is good. The A's use it well, as do most teams, but the Royals are why it doesn't always work.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous malphie said...

I know you must have some thoughts on the Old Man Moyer signing. I liked the addition last summer, and down the stretch Moyer was definitely solid bro! (As Corey & Carson would say.) But a two-year deal...I dunno. What say you?

4:41 PM  
Blogger XXX said...

Another problem with draft pick compensation is that it works out almost equally well for the A's as it does the Red Sox - I'm not quite sure if the way the Sox beat the system (I hate the Sox, but more power to them for doing this) is really the proper path in attaining real, worthwhile competitive balance.

As far as Jamie Moyer goes...I wish I could be positive, but I just can't. 2 more years of Jamie is a bit more than I can handle.

I would like to point out that Jamie Moyer is exactly 23 years older than I am. How about that?

7:19 PM  

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