Sunday, November 12, 2006

Site Update 2.0

So my computer is back in my possession and finally running smoothly again, but there is still the not so small matter of converting, recovering, and rediscovering lost files and documents. So posting here will still be fairly irregular, but (hopefully) not non-existent - we are about to embark on what all signs point to being the busiest part of the offseason after all. All of my "big" plans for this site have kind of gone to hell, but I'm nothing if not adaptable...a full free agency preview and the continuation of a lot of the things I started and never finished don't seem like they'll be possible this year, but there figures to be plenty of other interesting (and more relevant) topics to discuss in the coming days. Such as...

Aramis Ramirez staying in Chicago after agreeing to a 5-year, $70 million contract

I count this as the third big move of the offseason so far...the first being the Kevin Kouzmanoff/Andrew Brown for Josh Barfield trade (an extremely even deal as I see it, both teams filled big holes), the second being the Gary Sheffield to the Tigers trade (another fairly even deal in my eyes, but for different reasons - the Tigers got their man by dealing from one of their organizational strengths, but the Yankees got a phenomenal haul for a player that everybody knew wouldn't be on their roster in 2007...a trade like this just makes the Bobby Abreu trade look that much worse, right?). I am shocked by the Ramirez re-signing...everybody has talked about how the market was going to blow up this offseason, and then the premier hitter goes and signs what appears to be a below-market deal to kick things off. Wacky. Looks like a crazy offseason continues to just get crazier...

EDIT: The total value of the Ramirez contract is now being reported at $73 million. Minor difference, but $3 million is $3 million, right?


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