Friday, May 11, 2007


First things first, the answer to the question wondering what happened to Phillies minor league pitcher Derek Griffith. From

Derek Griffith, a lefty who threw two scoreless innings for the Barnstormers in spring training, is expected to join the team today and is scheduled to pitch the second game of the doubleheader at Long Island on Saturday. Griffith was released by Clearwater (the Phillies Class A affiliate) last month.

Griffith's last game in the Phillies organization was April 17th. He had pitched 7.1 scoreless innings with Clearwater (High A) out of the bullpen this year, but I guess the Phillies didn't see much of a future out of a 24-year old still in A ball. Hopefully, Griffith pitches well enough for Lancaster to catch the eye of another big league organization down the line.

I always appreciate any questions, comments, or concerns and I do my best to respond to everyone, so keep at it. With that taken care of, I'd like to announce a bit of history here on the site - today is the first day I've ever posted from a desktop computer. Pretty exciting stuff, I know - the assassination of Kennedy, the Challenger disaster, first post from a desktop...those are all moments that people can't help but remember where they were when they happened. Anyway, I did have a point in there somewhere...give me a minute, it'll come. Ah yeah, it's just a lame preemptive excuse in case updates are sporadic in the future - desktops are a whole lot less convenient than laptops. It's a cop-out, but if you've read the site regularly then you know that's just how I operate.

Now with that taken care of, we can talk about the Phillies. After dropping 2 of 3 in Arizona and 6 of 10 on the past road trip, they return to South Philadelphia with a record of 15-19, 4 games under .500. Before Ryan Howard's pinch-hit grand slam, the case could have been made that the most exciting part of watching non-Cole Hamels Phillies baseball of late has been Abe Nunez. Nunez has been public enemy number one around these parts since signing before last season, but he is currently putting up his best stretch of baseball as a major leaguer - a fact that is both a testament to his strong recent play (7 for his last 15, with 3 the usual outstanding defense at third) and his horribly below average big league career (his 2007 OPS+ of 87 is the best of his career...ouch). Nunez has outhit fellow third baseman Wes Helms this year and is unquestionably the better option in the field. It would be foolish to expect Helms to continue to lack both power and patience at the plate, but it's hard to argue with the notion that Nunez should be getting more starts now while he's going good at the plate - especially on days a groundball pitcher (Jon Lieber, Cole Hamels, maybe Adam Eaton) takes the mound.

Cole Hamels vs Rich Hill tonight in yet another exciting matchup between two young pitchers.


Blogger GM-Carson said...

Taking the Hill is Rich Hill, a dominant left-handed starter...Phils are screwed.

2:54 PM  
Blogger XXX said...

Yeah, the Phils don't quite have a lineup well suited to handle tough lefties...luckily they've got a better than good shot every time Hamels takes the mound. Valid point though.

4:07 PM  

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