Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Day One of the Winter Meetings - Philies Rumors

Lots of rumors and news from all around the league after the first day of winter meetings, but I'll limit it to Phillies rumors for the time being. Three big things in the Daily News today:
  1. The Phillies asked the Cubs about a SP Mark Prior for RF Bobby Abreu trade and weren't flat out denied. It is almost certainly just a rumor and nothing will come of it (the Cubs GM has already refuted the claim), but there is one big thing to take away from it. Pat Gillick is clearly asking for a ton in return for Abreu. Thank goodness. The Phillies do not need to trade him. If they are blown away and get that top of the line guy (Prior would qualify, see my list) then they could work something out. Otherwise, you can keep a top-10 OF coming off a string of successful years who is getting paid a lot, but not an unreasonable sum in today's market. There are worst things happening than that. Shoot high, Gillick, and if that doesn't work, don't move him. I like what I'm hearing from that rumor. (Again the odds of Prior coming to Philly in 2006 are about 1-1,000,000, but that is not exactly the point)
  2. The Phillies are considering dealing OF Jason Michaels to the Pirates for SP Mark Redman. It has been no small secret that the Pirates have always coveted Michaels. Is Redman a good option though? I tend to think he isn't. Michaels is at an absolute all-time peak in value. The Phillies could almost certainly squeeze more out of some team if they do decide to deal him. At $4.5 million in 2006, Redman isn't an awful contract to take on for a starting pitcher, but I don't think he represents equal value. Last question: What would a trade of Michaels do to the Abreu situation? Is it possible they trade both? Who then is the starter in right? A Burrell-Rowand-Victorino OF isn't as thrilling as some of the other options out there. Just a thought though.
  3. The Phillies are undecided on what to do with SP Vicente Padilla. Before Gillick came on board, they would have brought him back without thinking of any alternatives. Now you got to believe that Gillick has a few other alternatives in mind and considers Padilla just one of many starting pitcher options. I think it would be crazy to non-tender him and that they should offer him arbitration at the very least. If you don't think Padilla is worth at least something in this crazy pitching market, you are nuts. The Daily News also mentions the possibility of Padilla returning and still being stuck in the bullpen. I'll believe that when I see it. I'd offer him arbitration, shop him around, then more than likely keep him as the 5th starter come April 2006.
It was an eventful day to say the least - let's see what day two brings.


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