Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

The holiday season is a great time to find ways to post information that takes as little effort as possible. In the spirit of the season, I present this little nugget from Baseball Prospectus that sums up new Phil Ricardo Rodriguez pretty nicely.

First came Vicente Padilla, acquired from the Phillies for Ricardo Rodriguez. It doesn’t take a “player to be named” sticker to know that dealing Rodriguez isn’t much of a fee: he’ll be 28 next year, can’t seem to stay healthy, and after four years of starting sporadically for Cleveland and Texas he’s combined to strike out 104 batters in 206.7 innings while yielding 75 walks, 224 hits and 33 home runs. Of course, Padilla hasn’t exactly been a model green light himself, but at least he’s had success.

New Year's Resolution: Finish posting the damn Free Agent Tournament. Expect it in the coming days. Probably...


Anonymous braveswin said...

What's this free agent tournament about? What do you think about the Tejada mess? I shoved it off at first but now it seems he's quite set on being traded. I posted quite a bit on the topic.

11:12 PM  

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