Monday, February 06, 2006

Bob Abreu en Español

"La primera duda del manager Luis Sojo para el Clásico Mundial de beisbol quizás haya encontrado respuesta esta semana. Bob Abreu no tendrá problemas con ser el primer bate del equipo venezolano." - ESPNdeportes

Bobby Abreu says he has no problems leading off for the Venezuelan squad in the World Baseball Classic. His logic is simple - if he is asked by the manager, he'll do it. This doesn't quite fit into the typical Philadelphian's image of Bobby Abreu - from what I've heard down at the ballpark in South Philly over the past few years, Abreu is too lazy, not passionate enough, and unwilling to do whatever it takes for the betterment of his team. I realize there certainly is something special about playing for your native country with the whole world watching (the whole world theory anyway), but this team first attitude doesn't come as much as a surprise to many who follow the Phils closely. Things are so often assumed about the kind of person Bobby Abreu is to the point that rumors of selfish behavior and perceived loafing in the field become concrete evidence in the argument against him. Maybe this story, made up of real life facts and not assumptions by the way, will help people realize what kind of ballplayer Bobby Abreu really is.


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