Monday, February 27, 2006

Quick Prospect Roundup

John Sickels had an All Questions Answered Thread over at his website - here are some highlights (basically 2 questions with Phillies involved and then my own personal query)...

Q: On Greg Golson - Do you see him rebounding from a sub-par second professional season?

A: He's young and athletic. If he can get ahold of the strike zone, sure he could rebound. He has time on his side. But it is NOT a sure bet.

Q: Young Catchers - George Kattaras vs. Kurt Suzuki vs. Jason Jaramillo

A: Kattaras is the best of the group, most advanced offensively. Suzuki and Jaramillo are about equal I'd say. I like all three of them in one way or another.

Q: On Phil Hughes (Yankees prospect) - What kind of ceiling does he have and when do you see him cracking a big league rotation - in New York or elsewhere?

Ceiling: number one starter, combination of power and precision is very notable, similar to Prior or perhaps Roger Clemens when his command is on. CAVEAT: Hughes has significant injury risk and is far from a sure thing. IF HEALTHY, should be ready by '08.

So, only 2 questions out of over 100 about the Phillies...can't really complain considering the one question I personally asked was about a damn Yankee. Don't be alarmed people - I hate the Yankees as much as the next guy and will do so as long as I breathe and live. I do have a bit of a fascination with Phillip Hughes however...seeing a player dominant a game in low A ball to the point where you walk away shaking your head in amazement will do that to a guy. Plus, seeing him the next day at the ballpark with his shoulder wrapped in ice talking to some sort of official from the Angels organization (no idea who or why) up close and personal adds to the attachment I have to the guy - not to mention the fact that I got to talk to him briefly after the Angels guy left while he signed a shirt for my friend. Personal feelings aside, I'm as high on his potential as can be and I think he will be a true number one starter someday soon - he's just one of my favorite prospects in all of baseball, I can't really describe the man-crush any further than that.

Ironically enough, the first question Sickels answered referred to Phillies OF prospect and former first rounder Greg Golson. I like Greg Golson a whole lot as a prospect, but I can still remember many of the more astute draft-following Phillies fans hoping for Hughes during the 2004 draft. The Phils went with Golson at pick 21; Hughes was taken by the Evil Empire at 23. What might have been...


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