Monday, March 06, 2006

Catch Up

Spring Training Results 2006 -

2 wins over the Yankees - for more info check here and here

9-7 win in Dunedin over the Blue Jays
  • Good: Aquilino Lopez, Chris Roberson, Shawn Garrett
  • Not: Daniel Haigwood and Bobby Scales
1-0 defeat against Team Venezuela

4-3 10th inning win over the Astros
  • Good: Chris Roberson, Chris Coste, Shawn Garrett, and Robinson Tejeda
  • Not: Julio Santana
5-2 loss at Sarasota against the Reds
  • Good: Brian Sanches, Shane Victorino, and Chris Coste (for showing the ability to handle the job behind the plate as the catcher)
  • Not: Ryan Franklin (though some could argue that this is actually "Good" in a big picture way)
Grapefruit League record: 4-1

Some real quick items of note:
  • Tomorrow Ryan Madson, Eude Brito, Arthur Rhodes, Yoel Hernandez, and the rest of the gang face off against the Devil Rays in St. Pete...
  • David Bell may or may not be ready by Opening Day...
  • Tom Gordon's elbow may or may not be a problem...
  • Chase Utley does America proud by going 5-5 with a 2-run homer in an exhibition win over the Giants. Team USA's first game tomorrow at 4 against Mexico...


Anonymous Chinpo said...

I was wondering if you have seen this yet:

It really did take me completely by surprise, although at this point I guess it really shouldn't have. I had no idea amphetamines were so prevalent in major league baseball. Any thoughts as to who the player in the article could be? Implications it could have on the upcoming season?

7:04 PM  
Blogger XXX said...

Thanks a ton for the link - I hadn't seen this story yet (spring break and all), but I had heard of it secondhand through emails from home.

Good questions too...wish I had some answers. I'll post the article for now and then think on it for a bit and add thoughts on an edited post. Thanks chinpo

1:24 PM  

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