Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Phillies Targets

I've been out of the loop for the past couple of days or so, but I think this is a fairly complete list of players that the Phillies have been connected to through the media this offseason. If I'm wrong on anybody or I'm missing someone, yell at me in the comments.

The list:

C Johnny Estrada
3B Wes Helms
3B Mark DeRosa (forget that)
3B Rich Aurilia
3B Akinori Iwamura (forget this too)
RP Joe Borowski
RP David Weathers
SP Miguel Batista
SP Jeff Suppan
SP Randy Wolf

Latest additions to the list:

RP Chad Bradford
RP Octavio Dotel
RP LaTroy Hawkins
SP Gil Meche
SP Tomo Ohka

Even later addition to the list:

SP Adam Eaton

Adding players like Helms, Dotel, and Ohka may not be all that exciting, but it would go a long way towards shoring up some areas of need...while also saving enough cash to go out and add an impact bat for the outfield - whether it be via free agency (Moises Alou?) or trade (the possibilities are endless). More rumors from the dailies...

Situation to keep an eye on:

"Sensing that the market - both international and free agent - is going to be prohibitive for many clubs to enter, the Rockies have let teams know Jason Jennings is available and the White Sox have told clubs they are not adverse to dealing any of their five veteran starters." [NY Post]

Now combine that rumor, with this one:

"Cash is the operative word at this event, where agents are smiling and mini-crabcakes are going for 12 bucks a pop. That explains why the Rockies will make a run at the cost-efficient Burke and inquire about Philadelphia's Aaron Rowand. Executives said Monday that Coco Crisp, on the Rockies' radar the past 11 months, is not available even as Boston pursues Gary Matthews Jr. and J.D. Drew." [Denver Post]

Top Competition for Alfonso Soriano?:

"The Angels won't spend the rest of the general managers' meetings in Naples, Fla., sulking, though. GM Bill Stoneman said Monday that he's "thrown some offers out there already," and one is believed to be to slugger Alfonso Soriano, possibly for six years and about $80 million."
[LA Times]

Closing Arguments:

I love the idea of Rowand winding up in Colorado...he'd be a perfect fit there and the needs of the Phillies really match up with some of the strengths of the Colorado organization. I'll need to think on this possibility a bit more and come up with some viable trade ideas. I love Jason Jennings, but Rowand is not enough to get him...something could be worked out, I'm sure.

The Angels and Soriano seem like a match made in heaven (horrible pun intended). I hope Fonzie comes to his senses and realizes that there is nothing better than playing in Los Angeles...Anaheim...Southern California...whatever. Anyway, I like Soriano but not for the money being discussed - he just isn't a significant upgrade over Pat Burrell, I don't care how you slice it. So, Alfonso, you have my blessing - go west, young man.


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