Friday, February 02, 2007

Myers Signs 3-Year Deal

Brett Myers is now under club control for three more seasons after signing a three year contract worth $25.75 million dollars. More to come on this deal later, but I'll say what I said after the Chase Utley signing - good job, Phillies front office. The length of this deal makes it less risky than the Utley contract, but there are plenty of other factors (only buying out one year of free agency, Myers' past legal troubles and generally surly disposition, the fact that Myers is a pitcher and the inherent risks that comes with the territory) that will lead to interesting talking points over the next few days. The risks are many, but ultimately I'm a big fan of Myers the ballplayer and am extremely glad to see him under club control through 2009.

No matter where you stand on the deal itself, it's nice to have something Phillies related to talk about as we inch closer to the day pitchers and catchers report.


Blogger GM-Carson said...

I know some fans are disgusted with Myers from last summer's debacle. But no matter how you view him as a person, this is a SMART baseball contract. Good sign Gillick!

6:25 AM  
Anonymous malphie said...

Three years seems perfect to me. I just hope he doesn't blow the 25 mil on cases of Zebra Cakes and Yodels and shows up to spring training desperately out of shape, a la that one guy in that one movie.

8:57 AM  

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