Friday, January 19, 2007

Links to the Past

This Friday's edition of Phillies Baseball = random linkage
  1. Vote Phillies in 2008! - I love it...too bad I'm not clever enough to come up with a joke to add, but I think the novelty of getting a "Phillies in '08" bumper sticker is enough. I'd prefer to see the local nine take care of business in '07, come to think of it...
  2. Trust Buster? - Read this...and then read every single other post on the site. Fire Joe Morgan is one of my absolute favorite sites on the web - it's one of the handful of sites that I check every day without fail. It's a special treat whenever they write about a subject I'm sure anybody reading this site right now is quite interested in. Ken Tremendous (my favorite writer from FJM) tears apart Buster Olney's recent blog entry through his usual blend of logic, stats, and snark.
  3. The Phillies might lower the tall three-sided sign in the parking lot beyond the centerfield wall that obstructs the view from the ballpark to the city skyline. They also might make it a two-sided sign, affording even a better view of the city. Work on the alterations appears to already be under way - Figures. I've had season tickets in either section 420 or 421 (behind home plate) since the new ballpark opened...up until the upcoming season, of course. This year, we've finally decided to change things up and move down by the first line...figures. Anyway, it's still a good idea to lower the sign...especially for those lucky enough to be sitting in my old sections.



Blogger GM-Carson said...

I truly hope that the Phillies can prove that bumper sticker wrong. The city of Philly needs some hope.

6:16 AM  
Anonymous malphie said...

This was in the FJM post:

"What will help the Phillies' offense: Ryan Howard's total dominance of the game of baseball, Chase Utley blowing past his PECOTA forecast, and the Flyin' Hawaiian getting better at taking walks."

Any idea what that Utley comment means? Is PECOTA predicting a down year for him?

3:22 PM  

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