Monday, November 07, 2005

Ryan Howard - 2005 NL ROY

Big Ryan Howard

Rookie of the Year voters finally got it right this year: Phillies 1B Big Ryan Howard the NL Rookie of the Year ( and Oakland A's CL Huston Street the AL Rookie of the Year ( They were the two best rookies in baseball this year and are both very deserving of their shiny new trophies. I'll even nix the rant about how awful the award process is in MLB (Silver Sluggers and Gold Gloves this year had some major problems) just because of this bit of good news.

As great as this must be for Howard personally, he still must be very curious about his future with the ballclub. I wonder how often it is that a a guy wins the ROY award and is traded just a few weeks later. Not saying it will happen of course, but it is clearly one of the options Pat Gillick is considering.


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