Friday, November 04, 2005

Supreme Court Nominee Sam Alito

Old news by now, but I've been waiting for the perfect source that captures the finer points of the story. I think I found it with this (Washington Post):

In recent years, Alito insisted on wearing a baseball uniform while coaching Little League. As an appellate judge, he hung in his chambers a large poster of former Philadelphia Phillies baseball star Mike Schmidt. He went to baseball fantasy camp and had a baseball card made of himself.

Are these not the marks of a nerd? The question was put to Dan Coats, the former senator who is chaperoning Alito through the Senate confirmation process.

"I'm not going to affirm that," Coats said. "I'll just say he's a serious student of the law."

No politics here, but a grown man sporting a Little League uniform (stirrups and all)? That's something. I'm not sure what exactly, but it's something. The guy is an admitted Phillies fan so that's a big plus. Not sure if that'll be seen as a positive or a negative during his approval hearings though.


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hey, you went from big font to small to big again!

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I'm slowly figuring things out here. Very slowly.

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