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The King

One of the perks of being back in Philadelphia this time of year is the ability to get a real idea of what the local mindset is of Philly's teams. Today on WIP, Howard Eskin mentioned that he has heard the Phillies have continued to shop RF Bobby Abreu and the Boston Red Sox are a team that has shown the most recent interest. I realize it is Eskin and he has an illogical hatred for Abreu so maybe this is all wishful thinking on his part, but since today is a slow news day and what Eskin went on to say was so stupid, it must be shared. Eskin said that the Sox were only offering SP Bronson Arroyo and that if he was in position to make an Abreu-Arroyo swap, he'd do it "in a heartbeat." It is okay that Eskin believes this (it is okay, but incredibly stupid), but it is a damn shame that so many Philadelphians rely on the Philly sports talk radio scene for any kind of baseball insight. Eskin may have some nice contacts and he does have the ability to break a big story here and there, but the guy just doesn't know baseball.

My thoughts on what kind of talent the Phillies should demand for Abreu are well documented. Abreu for Arroyo is terrible value. Arroyo is a wonderfully average big league pitcher - check out the career ERA+ of 100. He is valuable because he can start or come out of the bullpen with some effectiveness, but there is little reason to believe (he'll be 29 when the season starts) that he'll ever be anything more than a decent pitcher. Is that equal value for an All-Star outfielder? Howard Eskin seems to think so. I'm no expert here (although I pretend to be) and I feel funny calling a professional like Eskin out, but do any other "non-experts" out there believe Abreu for Arroyo is a good idea for the Phillies? Now, Jason Michaels for Arroyo...that's a whole different story.


Anonymous Braveswin said...

Abreu for Arroyo, No way, can't happen. Arroyo for Jason Michaels sounds alot better. I've never been keen on trading a big star player for pitching. Especially for decent pitching. There's been too many good pitchers that lost their stuff by playing in another town. I'm not saying that will happen to Arroyo but I've seen it before and will see it again.

O.T. I was at a Braves/Phillies game at the end of Sept. The one where Huddy pitched the whole game then broke down in the ninth. Anyway, we were a few rows up in the right field stands and during every inning some silly Braves fans would yell "you suck" at Abreu. After a while Bobby would turn around and make gestures at the stupid fans. He would flap his glove, laugh, point, all in good fun. To me Abreu is a class act, someone to set an example by.

BTW-The BK King is a scary looking guy. Those commercials are weird stuff, especially that one w/Hootie.

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Blogger XXX said...

I'm a huge Abreu fan who even goes as far as to think that he'll one day be enshrined in Cooperstown. I'd only deal him for a sure fire number one starting pitcher and am quite happy to see the Phillies haven't done something stupid and trade him away for anything less. There are far worse things than being able to see a favorite player like Abreu stick around at least another year and (wishful thinking here) maybe even someday retire as a Phillie.

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