Thursday, February 09, 2006

Websites, Ruben, and the WBC

Fantastic article by Jim Salisbury in today's Inquirer about Sean Forman and the creation of The entire article is really worth a read, I highly recommend it. Salisbury throws a list of links out there at the end - all of which are extremely useful: University of Delaware professor Dave Smith heads up an excellent resource that has collected thousands of box scores and game accounts from the 20th century. This site is loaded with smart analysis. This is another site packed with analysis. This site is very entertaining and informative. site is a good source for minor-league and draft information.

Salisbury also includes this little nugget near the end of the article:

For a fee - they start at $2 - you can pick any player in the history of the game and sponsor his page. (Sorry, new Phillies pitcher Ryan Franklin is already taken.)

Feel free to check out Ryan Franklin's Baseball-Reference Page - believe me, it is well worth your time. It's amazing...and people think I'm overly negative about the guy.

Randy Miller from has some interesting quotes from Phils assistant GM Ruben Amaro Jr. concerning the potential fallout from the Gonzalez acquisition:

"It probably puts us in a position where we have to figure out what we're going to do with Tomas," Phillies assistant GM Ruben Amaro Jr. said of Perez, who will make $700,000 this year. "Maybe we'll see if one of them can play some outfield."

The Phillies say nothing is imminent, but it's possible starting third baseman David Bell, coming off a poor season, could be on the move this spring.

"David Bell is our third baseman," Amaro said. "I don't foresee [a trade] happening right now."

Miller also speculates on a potential David Bell to Kansas City trade. I don't think it makes a whole lot of sense other than the family ties involved (David's father, Buddy, is the Royals manager), but you never know.

Marcus Hayes of the Daily News reports on the status of Jimmy Rollins and Brett Myers with regards to the World Baseball Classic:

The Phillies last night confirmed a weekend report in the News Journal, of Wilmington, that shortstop Jimmy Rollins and No. 2 starter Brett Myers have been scuttled from Team USA's plans. Either can be an injury replacement.

Rollins was bumped when Alex Rodriguez decided to play for the United States last month. The Phillies told Team USA they didn't want Rollins to try to make the team at second base, where Phillies teammate Chase Utley likely will see some time.

Among Phillies expected to play for their countries: Venezuelans Bobby Abreu and Tomas Perez, Dominicans Rob Tejeda and Eude Brito and Canadians Rheal Cormier, Aaron Myette and Scott Mathieson.

No Rollins makes a lot of sense for Team USA. He just wasn't a good fit from a position standpoint for the team. No Myers...well the jury is still out on that decision. Only time will truly tell which direction Team USA takes when putting together a pitching staff. It is believed that they are looking to add guys that can contribute in certain roles; they claim it won't be a team of all start players that are unfamiliar with their spots on the team, but a compilation of stars and an assortment of complimentary guys such as solid bench players and pinch hitters, middle relievers, maybe even a lefty specialist. Team USA would rather have players accustomed to relieving at the big league level in the bullpen rather than have pitchers of a better quality, but who are starters in the big leagues, as relief options. I can't say I necessarily blame them for taking this approach, but when the hot WBC rumor of the day involves Colorado Rockies OF Matt Holliday verifying reports that he will be on the American roster, well then I begin to seriously doubt the competency of those in charge of this team and this event. What a strange tangent...anyway, no Rollins and Myers in the WBC - looking at it selfishly, this is nothing but good news for the Phillies. Isn't it nice to end on a high note for a change?


Anonymous braveswin said...

I frequent a couple of those sites daily. Good stuff. I've thought about sponsoring a player, but with my luck the player I pick will have a bad season.
Bell to the Royals makes sense, because that's the only team that will want him after another lame season. I got a laugh out of the Franklin sponsor.

8:26 AM  
Blogger XXX said...

Yeah, they are all good sites packed with tons of information - quality work by Salisbury putting it together and giving them a bit of mainstream media exposure.

12:34 PM  

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