Thursday, March 09, 2006


Things have been busy on my end and should continue to be so for about another week or so - in other words, posting in the meantime may be a tad sporadic. In the meantime, Jim Salisbury's article from last Sunday's Inquirer makes for some suitable filler post. Very interesting stuff here. What should we make of that? I honestly don't know at this point. I'd be curious to know what other Phillies/general baseball fans think of this.

By the way, part of my reason for being busy over the past few days has been a little college baseball "scouting" trip - some pictures of the whole experience should be up by the start of next week. Just so you know.


Anonymous Bob said...

Speaking of greenies, apparently Mike Schimdt noted in his book that greenies were readily available in the Phillies clubhouse.

Stan Hochman reviewed Schmidt's book in today's Daily News -

Likewise, CNNSI had an article regarding the modern baseball player and whether the new idea is to claim ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) to be prescribed uppers.

See Franz Lidz's article on CNNSI -

10:54 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

Any idea on who the Phillie is Leiberthal? Just a guess.

Around the rumormill is that the Marlins may have an interest in acquiring Tomas Perez.

11:43 AM  

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