Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Catch Up

Less than week into spring training...what have I missed so far? Everything and nothing...no real baseball news to report, but plenty of miscellaneous yet Phillies related stories to talk about...

  • Should the picture above concern anyone? It's spring training, he's always been a big guy, it could be just an especially unflattering shot...but then Will Carroll injected a bit of fertilizer onto the seed of doubt growing in my mind: "He has the look to me of someone who could become David Ortiz in a hurry, so he needs to make sure that he doesn’t put on much weight. (And by Ortiz, I mean an immobile power guy.)" Ortiz is a heck of a player, there is no arguing that, but that doesn't mean Phillies fans should want their 27 year old superstar National League first baseman moving up in weight class if he can help it.
  • Chase Utley, Social Activist: Political and social commentary aside (though the timing of this is quite funny if you ask me - here's why, in case you missed it), anybody else catch the story by Rob Maaddi of the Carlisle Sentinel that mentioned Utley has put on almost 20 pounds of muscle since the end of last season? He is listed at 185 pounds, but the reports claim he is now weighing in at a burly 204. All of the standard weight gain caveats apply (decrease in flexibility, alteration of swing mechanics, etc.), but I must admit I find the news exciting all the same - the prospect of a more powerful, more durable Utley is one that I can very easily get behind.
  • Any fans of either The Office or The Daily Show out there? Well, if you were truly a dedicated fan of either show then you'd know that Ed Helms (this guy) is a cousin of Wes Helms (this guy)...is it a small world or what?
  • "Pitching coach Rich Dubee has switched to uniform No. 30 in honor of former Phillie Cory Lidle." - Phillies.com. It was the last line of the notes section of just another generic spring training article, but it's a very nice gesture that definitely deserves another mention. Good for Dubee.

  • And finally...Athletics Nation has a tribute to Hunter S. Thompson that is well worth a glance if you've got the time. Check it out.


Blogger Adam said...

Howard should drop some lb's during ST. I can't remember exactly, but I think it was Julio Franco that was asked about why not eliminate ST and just startup the season. His response was something like.. No way, most people come to ST overweight & out of shape and that time is needed to get back into playing form.

2:03 PM  
Anonymous malphie said...

Howard should go on the Kanye West workout plan.

3:31 PM  

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