Thursday, February 22, 2007

Phillies Sign Player Born in 90's

I'm attempting to get back to doing lots of little posts rather than saving stuff up for mega-posts every few days like in the past. Spring training news stories lend themselves to this kind of treatment, so hopefully the change will work out. With that said, time for our first mini-scoop post: the Phillies latest international signing. Read all about it here (you'll need to click a link from that page and from there it opens up in a PDF...or you can just read what I wrote about it below).

Scott Mitchinson, Brad Harman, Tim Kennelly, Joel Naughton...all minor league talents that the Phillies have acquired through their very close working relationship with the powers that be involved with running baseball leagues, camps, and academies in Australia. The latest name to add to the list is outfielder Angus Roeger, a player signed just this past week by Phillies scout Kevin Hooker. Hooker first noticed Roeger while playing for the Australian U/17 team in Japan. He has said, "the first thing we noticed about Angus was his strong and powerful physique. Angus has an athletic frame, is a good runner for his size and tracks the ball well in the outfield."

All four of the previous big Australian signings listed above began their professional careers stateside with the GCL Phillies. Roeger is expected to spend 2007 finishing up his high school studies and attending the Major League Baseball Academy Program on the Gold Coast (upon further research, this program is entirely funded by MLB, runs for two months, is similar in style to spring training, and typically has all kinds of famous instructors including Chilli Davis and Rod Carew) with the eventual goal of reaching the U.S. and playing in the Gulf Coast League in 2008. The only financial terms mentioned in the article references the "lucrative Minor League Contract" that Roeger signed, but there is really no telling what that means - for a point of reference, Harman, arguably the Phillies most promising of the group of Aussies, signed for $50,000.


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