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Day Two of the Winter Meetings - Phillies Rumors Part Two

Day two was even more chock full of rumors than day one. The Daily News and Inquirer were each full of useful information, so let's get right to it...
  1. The big story of the day for the Phillies was the multiple meetings with reps from the Dodgers on Tuesday and the speculation they'd meet again often on Wednesday. The teams have apparently been discussing a trade involving a swap of Bobby Abreu and David Bell in return for either SP Derek Lowe or SP Brad Penny. No thanks on Lowe, it just isn't enough value for Abreu. Penny is intriguing. He is owed a total of $5.5 million in '06, $8 million in '07, $9.5 million in '08, and has an option worth $9.25 in 2009 (or a $2 million buyout). Lowe is owed $9 million, $9.5 million, and $10 million. Is Penny equal value for Abreu? Probably not. Does shedding Bell's salary for 2006 make it worth it? I still don't think so (even less so even) as he is owed money for just one more season, but it is something to discuss nonetheless.
  2. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting former Cards SP Matt Morris is leaning towards accepting a 2-year deal worth over $8 million per season. It isn't a done deal, so the Morris to Philly rumors aren't quite dead yet, but it seems to me that the addition of a FA SP for the Phillies is contingent on the possible trade of Abreu or Michaels. The longer the trade talks go on, the longer they'll have to wait and see if they'll even need to add a FA SP. Point being, if Morris doesn't want to wait for the Phillies, then I think he'll be a Giant for sure. If he is willing to wait it out, things could get interesting on that front.
  3. The Phillies have coveted Pittsburgh SP Kip Wells for as long as I can remember. There were even Kip Wells for Ryan Howard floating around last year at this time. He does always seem to dominate the Phillies, so maybe they think he pitches like that everywhere. I don't know. Jason Michaels for Kip Wells is apparently being discussed. I think that is really a fair deal for everyone involved. Kip Wells is just about a perfect match for what I think Michaels is worth. I firmly believe the Phillies would do this deal in a second, so the ball is in the Pirates court at this point. The only thing slowing it down from the Phillies end could be the ongoing Abreu trade talks. There is no way they trade both Michaels AND Abreu, right? I guess we'll find out soon enough.
  4. SP Scott Mathieson has been one of the most talked about Phillies prospects at the winter meetings. His stock has skyrocketed in the past year and teams around the league are taking notice. Apparently, most teams see his as a nice complentary piece to a larger trade (Abreu and Mathieson for...whomever OR Michaels and Mathieson get the idea), but it is doubtful the Phillies would part with a young arm like his because...
  5. What else is new? Bad, bad news on the Phillies prospect front. From the Daily News...

    Injuries continue to plague Hamels, the team's first-rounder in 2003. Elbow problems in 2004 limited him to four starts, and a broken bone in his left hand suffered outside a bar, combined with chronic back problems, limited him to six starts in 2005.

    A setback last week might delay Hamels' 2006 campaign.

    Hamels, 21, was diagnosed with a stress reaction in his lower back in 2004, which resurfaced in July. Gillick said the condition would be with Hamels his whole career. Hamels has been working to rehabilitate it since, much longer than the normal 2 months such an injury needs to mend.

    Then, last week, inflammation recurred in a slightly different region of his back, according to assistant GM Mike Arbuckle.

    Hamels immediately visited a back specialist in Tampa and underwent testing, including an MRI and a bone scan, and received a cortisone injection Monday, Arbuckle said. It will take about 10 days to see whether the area calms down, after which Hamels could resume getting ready for spring training in mid-February.

    Arbuckle sounded optimistic, since the inflammation was not exactly where it was in July. Still, the Phillies are not counting on Hamels in 2006, when he could start the season as low as Double A and wind up in the majors if he stays healthy.

  6. Back to some less depressing news, don't worry. The Inquirer has a quote from an unnamed agent saying the Phillies have been "trying like crazy" to deal Bell. The Inquirer also mentions San Diego (with SP Adam Eaton) and Toronto (with SPs Ted Lilly, Miguel Batista, David Bush, and Gustavo Chacin) as possible trade partners if the Phillies decide to send Abreu away.
  7. A quick rumor that has been making the rounds that I failed to mention in the first Bobby Abreu post - Abreu to Houston for SP Brandon Backe and RP Chad Qualls. Now there are also rumors of Jason Michaels for either Backe or Qualls. Not sure of the validity of the Michaels rumor, but the Abreu to Houston talks seem legit. Well, legit in so much as they do have serious interest and will be a major player if the Phillies decide to trade Abreu. That's all I mean.
  8. A personal sleeper candidate for the Phillies 3B job in 2006 is no longer an option (although I'll admit he almost certainly never was). San Diego dealt underachieving 3B Sean Burroughs to Tampa Bay for underachieving P Dewon Brazelton. It should be fun to watch that Tampa team over the next few years, I really can't wait.
  9. I've been sitting on a rumor that I've known for about a week now and I think its about time to inform the masses. Todd Pratt is close to signing a deal with Kansas City to become the Royals backup catcher in 2006. This is from the dreaded unnamed source, but I think it is the truth and I'm going with it. Believe it or don't, but if it happens remember where you read it first. If not, we're all friends here we can put something like this behind us, right?


Anonymous Braveswin said...

The Phillies need to deal Bell. He's pretty terrible. Gillick comes in and the first order of business is to take care of the big salaries. You dangle Abreu at the winter meetings and see what's out there. I wouldn't trade unless a super deal came along.

4:14 PM  
Blogger XXX said...

Bell had a rough year in 2005 (terrible even), but what are the Phillies alternatives if they just dump him? Abraham Nunez at 3B everyday is a far scarier option.

I'm definitely ok with them talking to teams about dealing Abreu and I agree with you that they shouldn't deal him unless they are blown away. There is no need to trade him unless the team can be drastically improved. Would losing Abreu in right and picking up D. Lowe for the starting rotation put this team over the top? I think not.

6:06 PM  
Blogger XXX said...

P.S. Thanks for the comment, they are always appreciated

6:07 PM  

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