Thursday, December 08, 2005

Updated List of Abreu Trade Rumors

Well it looks like a Bobby Abreu trade isn't going to happen this offseason. I'm very happy and more than a little relieved that the Phillies were smart enough to hold on to their best hitter rather than give him away for a number 3 starter and some payroll flexibility. In any event, I thought it would be nice to have an entire list of all the Abreu trade rumors handy, so we can easily check up on the players involved and how a potential Abreu deal could have played out. This is more of a reference thing than anything else - no new, exciting rumors to report. All of these deals have been discredited one way or another, but baseball is a crazy game and there is plenty of offseason to go...
  1. Abreu to the Orioles for OF Jay Gibbons and LHP Eric Bedard
  2. Abreu to the Red Sox for OF Trot Nixon and RHP Matt Clement
  3. Abreu to the Yankees with C Mike Lieberthal for RHP Carl Pavano, C Jorge Posada and 3B Eric Duncan
  4. Abreu to the Cardinals for RHP Anthony Reyes and RHP Jason Marquis
  5. Abreu to the Blue Jays for CF Vernon Wells
  6. Abreu to the Giants for RHP Jason Schmidt
  7. Abreu to the Astros for RHP Chad Qualls and RHP Brandon Backe
  8. Abreu to the Dodgers with 3B David Bell for RHP Brad Penny OR RHP Derek Lowe
  9. Abreu to the Athletics with C Mike Lieberthal and SP Gavin Floyd for LHP Barry Zito and C Jason Kendall


Anonymous Braveswin said...

I like Abreu. He's good. Didn't the Phillies get him by trading Stocker to the Devil Rays in the expansion draft?

O.T. What do you think of this Tejada mess? Obviously he said this out of frustration, and I'm sure nothing will come out of it unless Oriole mgmt starts to open the doors of negotiation with other clubs. It's funny Mets/Cubs/Red Sox fans are going hog wild over this one, proposing trades left and right.

8:37 AM  
Blogger XXX said...

Kevin Stocker for Bobby Abreu - gotta be the best deal the Phillies have made in the last decade.

I think we agree about the Miguel Tejada thing as I believe it will all blow over soon. Mets, Cubs, and Sox fans are all going nuts over him, it's hilarious. I'll even admit to hearing a few Phillies fans trying to concoct a deal to land Tejada as the Phils new starting 3B(Abreu being the bait). I guess fans will latch onto any old rumor if it'll give them hope for next season.

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Abreu stinks when it comes to hitting in the clutch. I do not care how good his numbers are. When is the last time he had the game winning hit? I can't even remember! At this point I'de give him up for almost anything so I can get some what of a feeling that Gillick is trying to get into the postseason. I think he's content with finishing 500 for this year. That might be OK for his first year for himself, but for us die hards its been since 93, I can't wait another year. Please do something now Pat!

4:14 PM  

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