Friday, February 23, 2007

The Car Ain't Bad Looking Either

I am negative ten months out of the year when it comes to the Phillies, but even I deserve a break. If you can't be disgustingly optimistic in February and March, when can you be? On that note, I present to you the picture of Brett Myers arriving in Clearwater from last week. The man looks good, does he not? Every year we hear about players arriving for spring training in "the best shape of their careers" or the even more ridiculous "the reason I sucked last year had nothing to do with me, it was my crappy eyesight," so it's easy to dismiss such meaningless rhetoric after being let down time and time again.'s nice to have photo evidence to back up such claims, is it not? Myers looks to be in great shape (he also looked fit and trim at his press conference announcing his new deal) and, if I may be so bold, his new beard gives him almost a John Smoltz-ian appearance. I admit that the last comment may qualify as disgustingly optimistic, but...'tis the season.


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