Friday, December 09, 2005

Day Four of the Winter Meetings - Phillies Rumors

Oh Tom
Such a lovable cherubic face - we'll miss it even though we rarely got to see it

The meetings are over. No real news to report as the last day was also the slowest. The NY Post and Philly Daily News provided the info, I just break it down into nice, neat numbered chunks for you.
  1. Bad news to start the day. The Phillies said that C Sal Fasano could wind up starting about 50 games this year because of Mike Lieberthal's shaky knees. If they knew the backup catcher would have to start a third of the games, how could they have brought in Fasano for the job? I'm sure he is a nice guy, but he is a far below average backup catcher. I had initially hoped that C Carlos Ruiz would beat out Fasano for the backup job in spring training (with Fasano starting for the Red Barons in AAA), but it appears the Phils are committed to Fasano as the backup this season. Hopefully they change their minds on this.
  2. RP Braden Looper is becoming more and more of a target of the Phillies with every passing day. The Pirates were the co-favorites to land him, but today added RP (and believe it or not, potential closer) Roberto Hernandez. This leaves the Phillies as the frontrunners in the chase for Looper. This may or may not be a good thing. Looper's value will be tied closely to the contract he signs. If it is a reasonable deal, I'm okay with it. If they overpay for another mediocre relief pitcher (flashbacks to the Wade era), then Phils fans should be angry.
  3. I said it was a slow day. You should learn to believe me. In arguably the biggest Phillies related story of the day, it is being reported that Jersey City native and Phillies broadcaster Tom McCarthy is on the verge of signing with WFAN in New York to take a job as the number 2 play-by-play man for the Mets. More proof that the Mets are just going crazy this offseason with buying up all the talent out there. I've always thought McCarthy was underrated as a pre- and post- game guy, but didn't quite have the skills of a true play-by-play man. I'm more excited to see how they'll replace him (bring back Muser!) than sad to see him go.
  4. Todd Pratt signed with the Braves. Not the Royals. I like Todd Pratt. I hate the Braves. Now, I hate Todd Pratt. Sorry, old friend, it's just how it works.


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