Sunday, December 11, 2005

New News

These are just random rumors, I'm warning you right now. It seems like there is a new rumor everyday surrounding Phillies OF Jason Michaels. Today's latest: Michaels to the Yankees for P Tanyon Sturtze. This had better be just a rumor without any factual backing to it because it would be a terrible deal for the Phils.

There is also new news to report about Phillies OF Bobby Abreu. Today's latest on that focuses on the speculation coming out of Houston around the possibility of Astros closer Brad Lidge being on the market. Abreu is a very logical fit for what the Astros are trying to do (they need a bat and they have money freed up after not going to arbitration with SP Roger Clemens), but any major deal involving Abreu with a relief pitcher as the centerpiece doesn't make too much sense for the Phillies.

Last, but not least: The San Francisco Giants are close to a deal with SP Matt Morris (3-years, $27 million). Morris won't be a Phil and for that price we can all be very thankful. This could all but end the Phillies pursuit of a free agent starting pitcher, but GM Pat Gillick has done a fairly good job so far of not tipping his hand when it comes to future transactions. It is entirely possible that he could have another FA SP targeted that we don't know about. A quick glance at the remaining available pitchers, however, would lead any Phils fan to believe that this isn't the case. I can't imagine there are any other major free agent starters that interest the Phillies in any way. This just means the Phillies will be forced to fill the two remaining spots in the rotation either from within or via a trade acquisition - something that so many Phillies fans thought from the very start of the offseason.

So, what have we learned from all this? The Yanks are lowballing the Phillies with their offer for Michaels, the Astros may covet Bobby Abreu but they will have to be very creative to get him, and the Phillies still have two rotation spots to fill with no FA help on the horizon.

So, what have we really learned from all this? Sundays in the baseball offseason are slooooooow.


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